It is important to acknowledge different important dates that can have an impact on our environment, such as AUSTRALIAN WILDLIFE WEEK.

Australian Wildlife Week was established by the Society in 2019 and is celebrated across the country during the first week of October to encourage a positive relationship between humanity and nature.

Unfortunately, due to direct anthropogenic impacts, Australia’s wildlife has suffered significant declines since European colonisation.  Land clearing, invasive species, and climate change are substantial threats to wildlife ecosystems and are key contributing factors to the loss of Australia’s threatened species.

The Society has established many projects over time to help safeguard Australia’s wildlife.  The President of the Australian Wildlife Society, Dr Julie Old, said “We hope to raise awareness of wildlife conservation issues across Australia and inspire all Australians to explore and develop a deeper understanding of these issues, gain the necessary skills to make informed decisions, and implement wildlife conservation action where possible.” 

Among their many activities they’re hosting a webinar that’s totally FREE and will run for only 2 hours. The Online Webinar will showcase wildlife research and conservation projects across Australia.  They will be joined by several keynote speakers, who will provide an overview of their projects.  They will also be joined by seven of the Society’s 2022 University Research Grant winners, who will summarise their research and the importance of protecting Australian wildlife.

You can find more details about the initiative HERE

You can register for their online webinar HERE and be part of the program detailed below:



September 28, 2022 — Carla Johnson

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