Want to make more conscious choices about your cleaning but don’t know where to start? 

We offer amazing choices for your every day cleaning needs.

  • Soapberries for your laundry. Simply place 5 berries into the bags provided and throw them in your washing machine (front or top loader) then once load is finished, hang the bag out to dry (with the berries inside the bag) once dried it can be used again. Every 5 berries per bag provides 5 washes, once you have finished your 5 washes simply put the berries in your compost or garden. 


  • Natural soap flakes for your dishwashing, laundry or to make your own cleaning products. A tablespoon of flake in your washing machine or in your sink will do the trick. The Australian Natural Soap Company’s soap flakes contain only natural soap and essential oils so they even leave your clothes smelling fantastic! 

  • We also stock sponges, dish clothes and natural scrubber to use in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Don’t worry about the ‘plastic’ packaging, it’s not real plastic and it’s biodegradable 😉
  • Vinegar! Make vinegar your household staple cleaning product. We make our own anti-bacterial surface spray with equal parts vinegar and water and add lemon Doterra oils for the anti-bacterial effect (and it smells good too) you can also you On-Guard or Tea Tree oil as well. Don’t have a Doterra account? That’s fine, we can help with that as we also sell them ☺️

  • Along with vinegar, bi-carb soda is amazing to use as a cleaning product. For amazingly clean toilet bowls, simply sprinkle the bi-carb soda in the toilet bowl and then add vinegar (enough so it rises up to the top of the bowl) and let it sit for 10 minutes and then use your toilet brush to clean the excess grim off the bowl. 

I hope that you can take some cleaning ideas away with you. 
Just remember that every time you are being sustainable, doesn’t matter how big or small, you are helping the Earth 🌏 

February 17, 2020 — Samantha Toft-Goulding

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