Everyone dreams of a white Christmas but here at Only One Earth, we dream of a green Christmas and here are our tips for being more eco-friendly this festive season.

The festive season brings so much joy, in the form of spending time with family and friends, eating all of the delicious food and giving and receiving thoughtful gifts, which can result in increased waste.


  1. Use recycled paper to wrap gifts

Keep the packaging from any products you’ve purchased, get creative with the kids, and draw festive art on the boxes or paper before wrapping gifts.

Reuse gift bags you’ve received throughout the year or if you’re feeling like taking it to the next level, hide un-wrapped gifts around the house for the kids to find in a scavenger hunt on Christmas day!


  1. Bake gifts for friends and family

This idea is so homely and in our experience, people love receiving a gift that you’ve lovingly made for them. We’ve made gingerbread, sugar cookies and even tried our hand at peppermint candy canes! Kids can get involved with helping to decorate the treats!

Another alternative to this idea is to gift the raw ingredients and the recipe. All you have to do is measure out and include all the dry ingredients in a glass jar with a recipe and your recipient will be able to make the treat from the jar and keep the recipe to make over and over – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


  1. Use energy saving LED or Solar lights to decorate

LED lights use 90% less energy than traditional Christmas lights and they last so much longer. Solar lights are a great option for outdoor decoration, particularly when Australia is so sunny in December!

It’s shocking when you think of the increased amount of energy that is being used throughout November and December to light Christmas Trees and decorations across Australia, with most homes having at least one set of lights on their Christmas tree.


  1. Add organic and locally grown foods to your Christmas feast

Not everyone who brings a plate to family lunch or dinner will do this but if you do, you’re doing your part for the planet and your community.

Head to the local farmers market to source your fruit and veg and support local farmers who grow sustainable meat and produce.


  1. Make your Christmas decorations

Another really fun activity to get kids excited for Christmas is to get them to help make your Christmas decorations.

Take a quick look at ‘Homemade Christmas Decorations’ on Pinterest and you will find hundreds of ideas that are so much better than random scraps of paper painted yellow that your kids tell you is a star.

Another tip for having a more eco-friendly Christmas include making sure you’re taking (and using) your reusable bags to the supermarket when you’re doing your grocery shopping. 


What things will you and your family be doing to reduce your impact on the environment this festive season?

November 18, 2021 — Samantha Toft-Goulding

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