From the sunny beaches to the lush forests, Australia's beauty is a reminder of the importance of preserving our environment. When hosting an event or gathering, why not extend this appreciation for nature by embracing eco-friendly practices? In this blog, we'll delve into steps to help you create a memorable occasion while treading lightly on our land and waters.

  • Opt for a Sustainable Venue: Look for spaces with eco-certifications or ones that emphasise solar energy and water efficiency. Coastal areas, parks, and gardens can provide an eco-friendly backdrop.
  • Embrace Digital Invitations: Say g'day to digital invitations! Skip the paper and send out e-invites to save resources. Use online platforms or email services to deliver event details and updates straight to your guests' inboxes.
  • Embrace Local supplies: Choose local, organic, and in-season foods to reduce food miles and support local farmers. Avoid single-use plastics and opt for biodegradable or reusable tableware to keep the ocean in mind.
  • Practice Waste Reduction: Put recycling and compost bins front and centre at the event. Encourage guests to chuck their waste in the right bin, and consider donating leftover food to local charities to combat food waste.
  • Natural and Sustainable Decor: Deck out your event with Aussie flair. Use native flora for decorations, and choose reusable or recyclable items that can be reutilised on your next event.
  • Harness Solar Power: Consider using solar-powered generators to keep the energy flowing sustainably, solar fairy lights are a nice touch or even just hosting your event outside during daylight to avoid the use of artificial light. The sun's energy is abundant Down Under!
  • Earth-Friendly Keepsakes: Send your guests home with eco-friendly mementos. Think about gifting them with native plant seeds, reusable water bottles, or items made from recycled materials.
  • Sustainable Transportation: Urge your mates to carpool, bike, or use public transport. Inform your guests about local transportation options and make it easy for them to choose sustainable travel.
  • Minimise Paper Usage: If you need to use printed materials, opt for recycled paper and print on both sides. Provide digital copies of handouts and event programs to reduce paper waste.
  • Give Back to the Land: As a gesture of appreciation, consider organising a beach or park clean-up as part of your event. Show your love for the Australian environment by leaving it better than you found it.

Hosting an eco-friendly event is a fantastic way to celebrate our remarkable land and contribute to its preservation. By tailoring your gathering to incorporate local practices and values, you'll create a memorable occasion that resonates with both your guests and the environment. Let your event be a beacon of sustainability, inspiring others to adopt green practices in their own celebrations. Cheers to hosting responsibly and ensuring a brighter, cleaner future for our stunning Mother Earth.
August 13, 2023 — Carla Johnson

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