What are shampoo bars?

Shampoo bars are a condensed and concentrated shampoo in a bar. In all shampoo and conditioner bottles the first ingredient is water, with shampoo bars you add the water. They are a cost effective way to save on plastic


Why should I use shampoo bars?

Take a look at every bit of hand wash, face wash, shampoo or conditioner. Anything in a bottle really that you can find for cleaning yourself or your house. The first ingredient is aqua (water), so generally you are using 80% water, 20% product and using throw away plastic while cleaning yourself or the house. 

Turning green, does not just impact the earth, it will also impact your wallet as well. I have been using my shampoo and conditioner bars for over 4 months and I still have a good few months to go before having to reach into my pocket to buy more. In saying that, I wash my hair generally twice a week and the bars are only for myself. Although I do feel like hubby is using them when I am not looking.  

Studies from U.S. Census and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS) data that claim 298.83 million Americans used shampoo in 2017. Arguably, most of these people are using some form of bottled product. 

So lets say that you use 4-5 shampoo bottles a year, that is 8-10 bottles, as you use conditioner as well. Where would all that plastic go? is it recycled? Do you make an effort to rinse out your bottles and check if in fact they can be recycled?

Shampoo bars, I feel, will replace bottles in under ten years time. I have no doubt in making this state. Like other shampoos and conditioners, you will need to start from scratch again with what works for you. I went through two shampoo bars before finding out what I like, and now I wont use anything else. I was using Head and Shoulder for most of my adult like because I had such bad dandruff, however now I am living proof that shampoo bars get rid of dandruff! Can I get a HOOOORAY!

My advice would be to start off with a medium priced shampoo and conditioner, somewhere in the market of $10-$15, and while you are at in, try and get it vegan and palm oil free, you can even get waste free soap as well that can be bought without packaging.

Only One Earth stocks The Australian Natural Soap Company, which has shampoo and conditioners, every day face wash bars, bars for acne and everyday body soap bars, which comes in a vast range of different 'flavors'

Have you made the swap yet? Whats holding you back?



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