Citric Acid



Introducing citric acid, a versatile and environmentally friendly descaler trusted by professionals and homeowners alike for tackling scale build-up in coffee machines, kettles, shower screens, and other hard-to-reach areas. While renowned for its effectiveness in domestic settings, citric acid also plays a crucial role in industrial applications, often used alongside other cleaning agents to maintain the efficiency of RO membranes and descale heat transfer surfaces in heat exchangers.

Please note that our citric acid is not food grade, making it suitable exclusively for cleaning purposes. Whether you're revitalizing your home appliances or optimizing industrial processes, our citric acid delivers reliable performance and exceptional results, leaving surfaces sparkling clean and scale-free.

Harness the power of citric acid and restore the pristine condition of your equipment with ease. Say goodbye to stubborn scale deposits and hello to enhanced performance and longevity. Experience the difference with citric acid, your go-to solution for effective descaling in any environment.