Ecyo Hard Floor Cleaning Pods


Clean the floor without waste 

This small pack of ecyo cleaning pods will make either

3 hard floor cleaning sprays or be diluted to be added to a spray mop or mop bucket.

The pods fully dissolve in water, leaving no residue. When added to water they naturally clean dirt and grime from hard floors bringing out their natural shine.

Use on hard floors Including wood and vinyl.

Scent: Sweet Almond

Use: As a spot cleaner: Simply dissolve pod as per instructions then spray floor and wipe clean with a damp cloth or mop.

Mops: pour 30ml of the dilution into a bucket of water (use 10ml for spray mops). Add more sparingly if needed. If streaking occurs add more water. Use on all hard floors including wood and vinyl.

 * Bottle Size:  ecyo pods have been proven to work in up to 750ml of water. However most people use a 500ml bottle which is ideal.


Non-ionic plant based surfactants (cleaning agent)
Naturally derived fragrance and Almond oil

Less than 2% phenoxyethanol (preservative)


  • No waste,  reuse your old bottles
  • Reduce your carbon footprint- no need to ship water around the world
  • They work!  - tested against major brands
  • Our packaging is compostable & recyclable 
  • Plant based ingredients 
  • Easy to store (just don’t get them wet until use)
  • More affordable than buying 3 full cleaning sprays!