Mad Millie Kefir Grains



Make it your morning routine to have a delicious and nutritious breakfast with the help of Mad Millie Kefir Culture Sachets. Just mix one sachet of this probiotic-packed powdered culture with milk, coconut water, or fruit juice and give it a good shake. Let it set overnight and by morning, you will have creamy kefir drink for your cereals or smoothie. Start your day right with Mad Millies kefir cultures.

Key Features:

  • Each pack contains two kefir culture sachets
  • One sachet can make a up to 1L and can be re-cultured up to two times
  • Culture blend is made with freeze-dried bacteria which can be added directly to any liquid of your choice
  • Good alternative to buttermilk or yoghurt
  • Cultured drink can be enjoyed on its own or used for cooking or baking
  • Great source of probiotics or good bacteria for a healthy digestive system