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Embark on a captivating journey with "Types of Families" by self-published author Samantha Toft-Goulding, a heartwarming softcover book designed specifically for younger children and primary school-aged readers.

In this delightful debut, children are invited to explore the rich tapestry of family structures through engaging storytelling and vibrant illustrations. From Rainbow Babies to Twins, from single-parent households to families with same-sex parents, each page offers a window into the beautifully diverse world of family dynamics.

Through thoughtful and inclusive discussions, Samantha Toft-Goulding fosters a sense of empathy, acceptance, and understanding, encouraging young readers to celebrate the uniqueness of every family unit. Whether they find reflections of their own experiences or discover new perspectives, children are empowered to embrace the beauty of diversity and the bonds that unite us all.

"Types of Families" is not just a book; it's a celebration of love, connection, and the countless ways families come together. Join us on this enchanting journey and discover the magic of belonging, no matter what shape or size your family may be.