Only One Earth

What we are about

Only One Earth makes being eco-friendly and sustainable easy for everyone.

We started so we could leave a better world for our kids and now our mission is so much bigger. 

We want change and we’re done waiting for politicians. We can all take one action that makes an impact. 

We’ve got everything you need to make one small change today.

We want to leave a little mark in the world

From the people
Personal knowledge about products. Store beautifully presents, nice range of different products. So nice to be able to easily access natural and local products. Great job
— Daniella Pollard
Male staff member that was serving was incredibly knowledgeable and welcoming. Was really interesting to learn about your business model, I think it's fantastic and hope it succeeds
— Taylor Todeschini
Great to have shopped in your store!
— Debb
Great customer service, lovely array of quality products and variety!
— K-jem
Great customer service. Knows his stock extremely well and very helpful.
— Anonymous

Visit Us


Oasis Shopping Centre

15 Temple Terrace

Palmerston NT 0830

How we support the cause

Aside from being the only dedicated eco-friendly store in Darwin and Palmerston, we regularly put our money where our heart is.

We support: