Even though most Australians are in the middle of summer yet, there are some who are already getting ready to go back to school, here are 10 eco-friendly activities to check off your summer bucket list before your holiday ends!

1. Visit a “pick your own” farm or farmer’s market for seasonal produce

Summer is known for being a bountiful fruit and veggie season, but did you know that this eco-friendly activity is not just good for you – it’s good for the earth too? Choosing to eat seasonal fruits and veggies from local farms means your produce doesn’t have to travel to you, reducing its carbon footprint as well as giving you fresher food!  Out of season produce is often harvested earlier to factor in shipping times, which can affect the flavor and possibly nutrient profile.

2. Make homemade popsicles  

Grab some silicone moulds ! Using silicone is great for a couple reasons: it’s safer than plastic and also helps reduce how much plastic we’re putting into the environment (a major problem). By making your own popsicle, you’re able to control the amount of sugar that goes into them (and you can even hide some veggies 😜 ).

3. Go biking

If it’s been a while since you’ve been on two wheels, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll fall back in love with this fun and freeing activity! Biking is an eco-friendly activity that makes getting somewhere part of the fun. There are so many great options for the whole family with new offerings like e bikes (which assist you with braking) and lower priced options that are still cute enough for a family photo op. Who knows, you might get hooked enough to leave the car keys behind more often.

4. Visit a national park (or just a park!)

Our national park system turns 144 years old this year! (Royal National Park in New South Wales was the world’s second National Park and the first for Australia in 1879) Join in by finding a park close to you and supporting any organisation that does so much to protect our lands and wildlife while they educate and inspire generations of nature-lovers.

5. Go on a picnic

Soak up every minute of sunlight by heading outside for dinner (or lunch, or breakfast!). Make sure your picnic basket is stocked with “real” (i.e glass or silicone and china or wood) picnic items, or a sustainable bamboo option. Swap any plastic food containers or bags for silicone pouches, lay out a mat and you’re ready to picnic in (eco-friendly) style!

6. Grab a few Z’s in a hammock

Who doesn’t love eco-friendly activities that by nature require zero effort? Find a eco-friendly hammock made of sustainable fabrics or recycled materials. By choosing organic and sustainable fabrics can help you cut down on the pesticide exposure that comes with conventional fabrics.

7. Spend the whole day outside

Being outdoors is about as eco-friendly as it gets, as it only requires ourselves and our sense of adventure. Whether you hit the beach, lake or mountain, grab your family and pack in one more good, long day outside before the sun starts to creep over the horizon in the mid-afternoon.  

8. Print pictures to display (remember that?)

Hold onto the fun of summer by creating physical reminders of those awesome memories! Quickly scan through your pics and print a couple favourites. One of our favourite eco-friendly activities is hitting local thrift shops (op shops) for previously owned frames, or checking out art and craft shows to snag original ones built by local artists.

9. Go stargazing

Your whole family + 1 blanket – all electronic devices. Sign us up!

10. Donate unused seasonal items

End your summer by wiping the slate clean for the rest of the year. Donate unused clothes and items, and create physical and mental space. Try not to replace items with new, go for thrifted and make conscious choices to minimize the pileup of material goods.

January 10, 2023 — Carla Johnson

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