🌿 DIY Dishwasher tablets 🌿

What you will need⁣
🌿 1 cup of bicarb soda⁣
🌿 1/4 cup citric acid ⁣
🌿 1 tablespoon of dish washing liquid (I used eco store) ⁣
🌿 10 drops of essential oils (I used lemon as my dish washing liquid was also lemon)⁣
Simply add the bicarb and citric acid in a bowl and mix. Add the tablespoon of dish washing liquid and spread the drops of essential oils around the bowl so it’s evened out. ⁣
Mix together with your hands until the consistency changes and starts to feel ‘foamy’ and out into silicone molds. Should fill just over two molds. ⁣
Wait a few minutes and the mixture will rise, wipe it away and add it to another mold. ⁣
Leave over night so they can get hard and that’s it! ⁣
Pretty easy huh! ⁣
Tag me in your creations if you make them! I love seeing your journeys 🥰
June 29, 2020 — Samantha Toft-Goulding

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