Be imperfectly vegan

Be imperfectly zero waste

Be imperfectly plastic free

Be imperfectly sustainable

Because small conscious changes are better than none at all


Making small changes and trying your best is better than watching everyone else try their best. 

Start off simple:

  • Say no to straws, do we really need them?
  • Swap over your plastic pegs to stainless steel pegs (If you have seen our post, we still have plastic pegs on our clothesline. Don't throw out your plastic pegs until they are broken, otherwise whats the point?)
  • When you take your bags to the shops grab your produce bags as well
  • Do you really need to turn on a light? Can you simply open a curtain instead?
  • Opt for vegan alternatives or vegetarian alternatives where possible. Give them a crack, you might surprise yourself. Have a meat-free Monday or a Vegan meal once a week, your body will thank you for it as well as the animals ( I did three months of being vegan and it wasn't as hard as I thought that it would be. Although once COVID-19 hit and my husband lost his job we had to take a step back and look at our grocery bill and I had to cut back on a few things that I was buying that were vegan. I am still vegan 80% of the time and I will buy vegan over vegetarian if I had an option to.)


What are some of the things that you have implemented into your daily life that have made a positive change to our Earth? Remember they can be the smallest things.


April 14, 2020 — Samantha Toft-Goulding


HippyDonna said:

I love this mindset – be imperfect, because ALL small acts build up to big things.

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