That dreaded name on everyone’s lips and minds. 

People losing their jobs, their businesses, being told to isolate, the unforeseeable future, keeping kids at home while you are trying to work yourself or if you aren’t working you are trying to entertain your children without leaving the house. So much pressure is put on adults right now and everyone is feeling the strain. 
Businesses trying to stay afloat by offering free delivery and discounted prices. I have been sent so many sale emails from a whole range of different businesses in the last week. 

While you are at home during this time try and keep sustainability in your mind. Open your curtains instead of turning on the lights. Limit technology time and try to spend some time outdoors, even if it is a walk around the block or throwing or kicking a ball in the backyard. 

If you are not in isolation check out Facebook for cheap plants or go to Bunnings and get busy in your garden planting new trees. 

Try different recipes and use up things that have been sitting in your pantry for a long time that you haven’t gotten around to cooking/baking. 
Have a look on Pinterest or Google for different types of homemade natural cleaners. doTerra have many different ‘recipes’ to make your own cleaners and a large range of oils that can be used for cleaning and sanitising. 
You can contact us for a list of oils and to place an order. 

If you are at home with children, get them involved with making cleaners or helping you plant new trees. A vegetable garden or fruit trees are great ideas for children as they can watch the produce grow and get excited about eating it. 
Make small transitions with your family, make a compost, sit together as a family and discuss the impacts of climate change and what they think that you can do to help. Pick one task every week to slowly change your routine. 

Have a look at our website and see our blogs or products to see what you can use to make small changes in your everyday life.

We still have many products left in stock with a shipment making its way up. Test out our sample soapberries or grab yourself a compostable dishcloth that you can throw in your washing machine so you know that it can be germ free. 

We are offering a discounted capped shipping rate of $5 for all orders and free local delivery in the Palmerston area. 

March 24, 2020 — Samantha Toft-Goulding

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