Australian Natural Soap Company - Multi-Purpose Cleaner


Multi-Purpose Household Cleaning Soap

Eco-Friendly Household Cleaner 

Sparkling clean spaces. No chemical consequences.

Going green gets your spaces squeaky clean and shows Mother Earth some love. This toxin-free, environmentally friendly antiseptic powerhouse is one of life’s little eco-essentials. Made from 100% plant-based ingredients. Naturally scented with zesty Lemon Myrtle. Blitz your cleaning routine and bask in sustainable living. 

Plastic-free packaging for your home-compost or green-bin. 

Eco-living doesn’t cost the earth

Forget all plastic bottles – not just single use ones. Forget waste. Forget groaning at the thought of cleaning. Find your homecare groove and let’s get that cleaning gleaming.

You’re probably used to spraying here, spritzing there then wiping away. But those old school cleaning products mean breathing in toxic chemicals. Switch to a multi-purpose soap bar and there’s no need to spray. 


  • Made from 100% plant ingredients. Totally natural
  • No nasties. No harsh chemicals or toxins
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Safe around pets, babies and kids of all ages so it’s safe for everyone to help with the cleaning
  • Suitable for all spaces and surfaces. A great general cleaner for kitchen and bathroom countertops, sinks and basins, door handles, highchairs, sticky little finger marks… but… we recommend spot testing before use, and apply with caution to varnished and lacquered surfaces.