Biotuff bin bags



Biotuff Compostable Garbage Bags (20L)

Your rubbish might be going to landfill but your garbage bag doesn't have to.

  • Puncture, tear and heat resistant
  • Tough and leak-proof
  • Long shelf life
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Made from renewable, plant-based thermoplastic corn starch resin
  • Certified to Australian and European standards.

Reduce your contribution to landfill by getting rid of your rubbish with a compostable garbage bag. The 20L size is perfect for a small kitchen, bathroom or office waste bin. 

Manufactured to the highest Australian and European standards from renewable plant-based ingredients, these bin bags are tough, puncture resistant and won't melt in the Australian heat. 

Sustainable packaging alert

These garbage bags come wrapped in a paper cuff that can go straight in the recycling bin. 

Waste free disposal

Well the whole point is to throw these out but you can relax knowing that the bag will biodegrade much faster than a plastic bag!