Cheese Culture


Experience the joy of creating your own artisan soft and hard cheeses with the Mad Millie Cheese Culture. This pack contains five sachets of culture that can be easily added to warm milk to start the cheese-making process. Each sachet is specially formulated to work on 4L of milk, so you can make larger batches of cheese with ease. The Mad Millie Cheese Culture is a highly concentrated culture that acidifies the milk, transforming it into delicious curds and whey. With just one sachet, you can turn 4L of milk into a mouthwatering cheese creation. This cheese culture is incredibly versatile and can be used to make both soft and hard cheeses. Whether you're a fan of creamy brie or aged cheddar, this culture has got you covered. To make the cheese-making process even simpler, each sachet comes with detailed instructions and a recipe printed on the package. No more guesswork or complicated steps – just follow the simple instructions and enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own homemade cheese. Store the Mad Millie Cheese Culture below 25C or in the freezer for a longer shelf life. This ensures that the culture remains fresh and effective each time you're ready to make cheese. Start your cheese-making journey today with the Mad Millie Cheese Culture and indulge in the pleasure of crafting your very own artisan cheeses from the comfort of your home.




  • Kit includes five sachets of culture for making both soft and hard cheeses
  • Contains freeze-dried mesophilic culture that acidifies milk to form curds and whey
  • Highly concentrated culture that can be added straight to warmed milk
  • Each sachet can turn 4L of milk into a delicious cheese creation
  • All five sachets can produce a total of 2.5kg of hard cheese or 8kg of soft cheese
  • Comes with clear instructions and a recipe printed on the package