Soap Cage


Soap cages are the old fashioned, eco-friendly, sustainable way of using a bar of soap for the washing up, laundry or bath. 
Perfect for those who don’t have a dishwasher or prefer to wash by hand. 
Say goodbye to the plastic bottles with dishwashing detergent and say hello to zero waste washing by simply adding a soap bar for either dishwashing, clothes washing or in the bath.
Plastic free, made from durable strong 304 stainless steel. This soap cage will last many years but when it does reach its end of life, just recycle it.
Just rinse the dishes, fill the washing basin with hot water and swish the soap shaker in the water. 
Store the soap cage upright if possible so it can drain and dry quickly.
*Please note that soap does not come with our soap cages, this will need to be bought separately*