Soap Flakes



TANSC Soap Flakes

Perfect alternative for plastic bottled detergent, plastic bottled laundry wash and has less waste than cardboard box washing powder.

There are amazing benefits to using natural and eco-friendly soap flakes.

Firstly, the chemicals in conventional detergents leave a residue on our clothes and linens that can be absorbed by our skin. It is easy to overlook that washing detergent is a product that we don’t use directly on our skin, however every time do laundry with conventional detergents we are putting ourselves in contact with chemicals that we would never dream of using directly on our skin. This can cause a whole range of health problems including, but not limited to, allergies, headaches, nausea, and contact dermatitis.

Secondly, millions of tons of detergent are used every day to wash our clothes. They end up in our waterways and are toxic to both human and aquatic life. If the toxic fragrances weren’t enough, conventional laundry detergents also contain phosphates, sulfates, ammonia, naphthalene, phenol, optical brighteners, EDTA, and more. These chemicals can affect not only your health, but they also have long term toxic effects on the environment.